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AnomalyCon 3 Pictures from friday

Saturday the 30th of March in the year 2013 ~ William Randol

I have created a new gallery of pictures from AnomalyCon for Friday.

Please feel free to comment.


William Randol

Get Ready for Mainstream Steampunk | 5 Reasons You’ll Be Talking About Steampunk in 2013 |

Friday the 22nd of March in the year 2013 ~ William Randol

Here is an interesting article from Time.. What do you think about Mainstream Steampunk?

Steampunk — a subculture-slash-style that is best known for adding Victorian-inspired flourishes to today’s tech and fashion—has lurked beneath the pop-culture surface long enough. Now, as cultural historian James H. Carrott and futurist Brian David Johnson argue in their new book Vintage Tomorrows, it’s breaking through.

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Bat Cavalry Uniform

Saturday the 2nd of March in the year 2013 ~ William Randol

Some of the recent steampunk books I have read have the idea of “Darwinists” basically a concept of aggressive breeding, or even dna manipulation. This idea has inspired the updates to my uniform. I have decided that I can be an officer in the Bat Cavalry.

Bat Cavalry

I have updated my standard pork-pie hat to include a cavalry hat cord, a nice laurel wreath, and a bat insignia. I have also added rank. Being former military I didn’t want to wear any real rank that I didn’t actually earn. I turned to imaginary rank systems, I finally decided to base my rank on that used in Star Trek. I have applied the commander rank, the nice thing about this rank system is it simply uses pips, or bars. In my case i am using skull shaped pips. three silver and one bronze.

Let me know what you think.


William M. Randol

AnomalyCon 3

Saturday the 2nd of February in the year 2013 ~ William Randol

AnomalyCon is March 29-31, 2013


Buy your tickets here!

Serpent Queen by J. A. Campbell

Saturday the 2nd of February in the year 2013 ~ William Randol

A great book by someone I’ve actually met!

From an author that attended AnomolyCon comes a great SteamPunk fantasy novella.


You can buy it from Amazon here

More about the author.

Great Time at AnomalyCon

Sunday the 25th of March in the year 2012 ~ William Randol

Salutations ladies and gentlemen. I have just finished breaking all the images I took at AnomalyCon into separate posts. Please feel free to comment on the posts. It would also be great if you could add any additional details about your costumes, or your steampunk character.  If I took your picture and you do not see it posted let me know and I can get it up for you. If you would like a full size copy of your picture just let me know. Please contact me if you have you wish to contribute to this blog.

Thank you for visiting,

William Randol

P. S. Because this is a brand new blog, there may be display or functionality issues. Please let me know of any problems you may find.

Steampunk Plague Doctor Masks

Sunday the 25th of March in the year 2012 ~ William Randol